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Business and Report Writing ...            

About the Course:

Written communication is one of the key functions we perform every day. This intensive and practical course will cover all key areas of effective writing, e-mails, notes, reports, social media posts, proposals and more.


Length of Course:

Three days / 18 hours.



- Arranging information

- Being coherent and cohesive

- Tone, register, formality and informality

- Structure and perfect paragraphs

- Controlling directness and diplomacy

- Editing and proofreading

- Effective e-mailing

- Connecting ideas

- Avoiding simplistic language

- Writing quick notes

- Etiquette and avoiding "flaming" someone

- Considering your reader

- Writing information and research reports

- Writing influential proposals

- Being concise

- Testing your clarity

- Getting the reader's attention

- Intercultural business writing (directness, task vs. people and more)

- Social media posts and messages