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About the Course:

I am an independent Cert IBET course provider and am accredited by English UK and LanguageCert to run the Certificate in International Business English Training (Cert IBET) teacher training course.







This is a 50 hour course over eight days aimed at anyone wanting to achieve a formal qualification in Business English teaching and who aspires to become a Business English teacher or Business Communication trainer or develop in this field. The course is held at numerous international locations on a face-to-face basis with groups of between 4 and 16 trainees.


Closed / private courses can be arranged on request for schools or teachers' associations.



You will learn everything you need to know (and more) about Business English and Business Communication training including:

- What Business English is

- Teaching vs. training approaches

- Training key functions including presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephoning and conference calling, business writing and socialising and networking

- How to conduct needs analysis and assessment

- Business English examinations including BEC and BULATS

- How to train using case studies and analytical tools including SWOT, PESTLE and more

- Coaching approaches

- Gamification

- Intercultural communication training

- Key business terminology and knowledge from HR, Finance, Marketing and more

- Business English, ESP and ESAP

- Using roleplays and simulations

- Using published resources and creating your own

- Training one-to-one

- Working in-company and with different sectors

- Teaching virtually

- CEFR and Business English

- Training grammar, vocabulary lexis and pronunciation in Business English

- Moving into leadership training



You should have a level of English of C1 / IELTS 7.5+ to take part as well as an initial qualification such as the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL and, preferably but non-essentially, two years of relevant teaching experience. Knowledge or experience of business is helpful but you will be taught many things you need to know during the course.



100% attendance on the face-to-face course is required as well as passing of an assignment. The assignment involves answering one of four questions on the practical aspects and implementation of Business English training. This is around 3000 words and must be completed within 12 weeks of the end of the course.



Click here for an application form or e-mail for more information.



Fees vary by location but include the training fee and moderation fee (the moderation fee is levied by English UK and LanguageCert to cover moderation of assignments).


Fees on closed / private courses are negotiable depending on location and group size.



Fees must be paid in advance of the course (14 days). Moderation fee is paid in advance but refunded in full if participants do not wish to submit assignments for the Cert IBET qualification.


A minimum of 4 trainees is required for a course to run. Courses will be confirmed 28 days before the scheduled start date

with interested participants. Fees should be settled before the course.                                                                                  

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