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Coaching and Mentoring ...            

About the Course:

Coaching and mentoring are essential skills for modern leaders. Learn all about how you can be an effective coach and mentor with this intensive training course with international executive and leadership coach Ben Dobbs.


The course will involve attendees taking part in a minimum of three supervised coaching and mentoring practices.


Length of Course:

Three days / 18 hours.



- Coaching vs. mentoring

- Coaching, mentoring and other developmental interventions

- Coaching and mentoring as situational leadership styles

- The power of coaching and mentoring and what coaching and mentoring can achieve

- Connotation and good coaching language

- Taking a problem or solution focus

- Models of coaching and mentoring (GROW, TGROW, REGROW, OSKAR and more)

- The ethics of coaching and mentoring

- Best practice in coaching and mentoring

- Errors and hazards in coaching and mentoring

- Handling sponsors and stakeholders

- Managing the coaching environment

- The limits and scope of coaching (when coaching is not the answer)

- Coaching supervision

- Co-coaching practice (minimum of three practices during the course), reflection and feedback