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You can view and download slides from my recent conferences here (legal notice: any trademarks or copyrighted material included in slides is used for the purpose of review, critique and commentary under terms of fair use / fair dealing):


BESIG Annual Conference, November 2020 - "An Introductions to Six Sigma"

BESIG Webinar, May 2020 - "Demonstrating and Proving the Value of Training"

ELT Ireland, March 2020 - "Presentation Types That Teachers Need to Know"

ELT Ireland, May 2019 - "Gamification and Fun"

IATEFL Conference, April 2019 - "Developing Negotiation, Conflict Management and Mediation Skills"

ELT Ireland, February 2019 - "Developing Leaders and Leadership Through Communication Training"

IATEFL Conference, April 2018 - "Developing Leadership Skills Through Communication Training"

ELT Ireland, February 2018 - "Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication"

EVO Business English for a Better World Webinar, January 2018 - "Business English as the Language of Leadership"

BESIG Webinar, August 2017 - "Paper-free and Materials-light Business Communication Training"  

ELT Ireland ELTed Dublin, May 2017 - "What is Military English?"

IATEFL Conference, April 2017 - "Feedback and Feedforward"

ELT Ireland, February 2017 - "Coaching in Academic Environments"

ELT Malta, October 2016 - "From General English Teaching to Business  English Training"

ATECR, September, 2016 Plenary - "International Communication"

BESIG Online Symposium, June, 2016 - "Analytical Tools, Creative Problem Solving and Business English"

NATESOL, May, 2016 - "Using Technology for Great Business English Lessons"

IATEFL Conference, April, 2016 - "Creating a Coaching Culture in Pedagogical Environments"