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Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making ...            

About the Course:

Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making are essential skills for the modern innovative workplace. This intensive in-company training course will give attendees a wide range of tools to develop their skills and mindset.


Length of Course:

Three days / 18 hours.



- Key terms in problem solving and decision making

- Types of effect a problem may have

- Differentiating between causes, effects and symptoms

- Critical thinking, barriers to critical thinking and being a critical thinker

- The principles of creativity

- Setting objectives

- Using strategic and analytical tools (SWOT, PESTLE, stakeholder analysis and more)

- Using creative tools and the work of De Bono (lateral thinking, six thinking hats and more)

- Leading troubleshooting meetings

- Decision making, decision making style, decisions trees and decision types

- Time and resource management tools

- Influencing others to see your perspective

- Being a problem solving leader

- Coaching for decision making and problem solving

- Managing change

- Using conflict

- Innovation