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English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) ...          

About the Course:

An intensive training course aimed at lecturers, academics, researchers and university teaching staff who use English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) in lectures , seminars, assignments and tutorials.


The training will conclude with observed practice teaching sessions.


Length of Course:

Five days / 30 hours.



- What is special about EMI?

- EMI, EAP and ELF

- Case studies on EMI

- Academic style and tone

- Idioms, idiomatic language and the langauge of academia

- Tenses and voice

- Lecturing techniques and approaches

- Running tutorials

- Leading and facilitating seminars

- Voice, tone and clarity

- Answering questions

- Setting written assignments

- Sequencing ideas

- Models of argument

- Giving instructions

- Intercultural skills, intercultural challenges and EMI

- Accuracy, errors, mistakes and EMI

- Discussion and offering opinions

- GIving written and spoken feedback

- Developing critical thinking skills

- EMI and internationalisation