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Leadership in the Academic Sector ...            

About the Course:

Leadership is a matter of having the right skills, knowledge and mindset. This intensive training course will develop the leadership skills of anyone working in the context of university academia and international tertiary education.


Length of Course:

Five days / 30 hours.



- Leadership vs. management in tertiary education

- Leadership styles

- Accountability and ethics

- Collaborating on international projects

- Coaching and mentoring

- Developing yourself and others

- Time management

- Stress management

- Change management

- Communication skills

- Teams, team formation, team roles and teamwork

- Written communication

- Presenting and representing

- Effective feedback

- Trust-building

- Influencing

- Conflict management and conflict handling

- Critical thinking, creativity and problem solving

- Decision-making

- Objective setting

- Chairing meetings

- Virtual communication and virtual projects

- Performance management

- Negotiations and negotiating

- Managing up

- Intercultural communication and working with diversity

- Motivation

- Emotional intelligence and  positive attitude