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Negotiations and Negotiating ...            

About the Course:

Develop the right knowledge, skills and attitude to become an effective international negotiator with this engaging and highly practical group training course.


Length of Course:

Three days / 18 hours



The course will involve and include the following input:

- What is a negotiation?

- The negotiation process

- The perfect negotiator

- Bargaining and haggling

- Handling conflict

- Conflict modes and strategy

- Collaboration and collaborative approaches

- Negotiation tactics

- Opening and closing positively

- Outcome analysis


- Negotiation ethics and dirty tricks (and how to protect yourself)

- Managing emotions

- Nonverbal communication

- Influencing, persuading and convincing

- Intercultural negotiation variables

- Mediation


During the training course, attendees will take part in three longer negotiation simulations or roleplays:

- A two-party (buyer-seller) negotiation

- A distribution negotiation

- An intercultural negotiation