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What is Coaching?

Coaching is one of the many different types of developmental intervention offered in companies and organisations. Ostensibly, it is a non-directive conversation with meaning and direction between a coach and a coachee. The coach makes no recommendations nor do they offer advice, instead, the coach facilitates decision-making and problem solving by the coachee through skillful questioning, support and facilitative listening.


Length of Coaching Sessions:

The sessions can be any length you choose. 30 minutes up to one hour is usually enough for one session. Over time, you may wish to have a series of coaching sessions.


Forms of Coaching Offered:

I can (with myself or an associate) offer coaching in any of the following areas:

- leadership coaching:

- executive coaching

- academic coaching

- writer / author coaching

- motivational and attitudinal coaching

- project coaching


Training to Coach:

If you want to learn about coaching (and mentoring) and how to use coaching in your workplace. You should consider a three-day intensive training course all about developing your coaching and mentoring skills and mindset. Take a look here.