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Writing Up Research In Academic English ...            

About the Course:

Intensive group training and coaching for university academics and post-graduate students (from any academic subject) seeking publication of their work in English language academic journals.


Length of Course:

Five days / 30 hours.  



The course combines group training and trainer input with one-to-one coaching.


Trainer input covers:

- The nature of writing

- General English vs. Academic English

- About academic writing and what makes academic writing effective

- Academic style and tone

- The writing process

- Avoid commonality and simplistic language

- Distancing, caution and hedging

- Stakeholders in your writing

- Structuring your writing

- Sentences, paragraphs and connecting ideas

- Punctuating

- Tenses

- Use of active and passive voice

- Use of prepositions

- Key academic verbs

- Summarising, concluding, evaluating, recommending

- Talking about methodologies and ethics

- Citations, footnotes and references

- Plagiarism and avoiding it

- Doing a literative review

- Arguming in academic writing and models of argument

- Conceding

- Talking about data, causation and relationships

- Framing an argument

- Critical thinking and being a critical thinker

- Definitions

- Proofreading

- Editing

- Journal / publication analysis

- Writing submission / cover letters

- The language of academia and academic feedback

- Replying to a reviewer

- Presenting your work

- Personal action planning


One-to-one coaching can cover any area of the coachee's choosing linked to their writing.